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About US

Our Mission

sheisthecode - our mission - develop the tech and entrepreneurial skills of women for social impact

We are comitted to Develop the tech and entrepreneurial skills of women in order to make them have more impact on their communities and workplaces. 

Our Alumni

sheisthecode - our alumni - discover what our alumni are doing now

What are you going to (be able) do after sheisthecode ? What are our alumni doing now ? Where are they now ?

What we teach

sheisthecode - what we teach - discover our curriculum

Our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of local and international companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

sheisthecode - frequently asked questions about our program

Find the answers to the questions you may have about SheIsTheCode.

For the last two years, many questions have been asked by the fellows, the candidates, the medias, companies and people interested by the program. Here is a long list of questions and  their answers we provided.

Dedicated Instructors

sheisthecode - our dedicates instructors are elite developers and successful entrepreneurs

Our instructors are elite developers and successful entrepreneurs who care about women leadership and social impact.

Beyond teaching tech skills and Entrepreneurship basics, they are comitted to support our participants throught their personnal and professional development journey. 

High Profile mentors

sheisthecode - our team of high profile mentors are industry leaders mangagers and entrepreneurs

Our mentors are Industry Leaders Managers and Entrepreneurs from accross the continent and beyond. 

Our participants are positively inspired by the mentors stories and experience they share during workshops and online sessions.

More About SheIsTheCode

The Community Service

sheisthecode - the community service

One of the best way to master a field is to try your best to teach and share what you learned and practice. At SheIsTheCode, you'll have the opportunity to share your knowledges with young students, local small businesses staff and NGOs volunteers.

How does it work ?

sheisthecode - how does it work ?

Here is how to apply and enter the program. You'll also learn more about what happens during the 5 months of the program. From the information session to the graduation and the assistance to find a job or start a business

Our Partners

sheisthecode - our partners

We are bulding an ecosystem where women learn and master technologies in order to create solutions. We are bulding this ecosystem with local and international companies and NGOs, public administrations, communities and leaders we share the same values with.

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